Bad Experience leads to finding a new provider

After having problems with my current Provider I am on the search for a New provider that can match or prove better then my current one.

Below i have listed my needs and what i want in a new provider i will be switching providers by the 1st of the month.

In order to sign me up as a new long term customer for my hosting site you must be able to provide me with the following:

( Some of the options listed below are taken directly for my current providers site its what they offer and I dont want to lose what I currently get so meet or exceed the below options )

Price per Month $20.00-50.00
Option to pay per Year
Set-Up Fee $0
Disk Space
(To Distribute to Client Accounts) 10 GB
Bandwidth Monthly
(To Distribute to Client Accounts) 100 GB - Unlimited/Unmetered

Free Disk Space For main reseller account
(Main Reseller domain) 1 GB

Free Bandwidth
(Main Reseller domain) 10 GB - Unlimited/Unmetered

Unlimited CPanel and Added Domains

owed Domains - Unlimited

Custom DNS

Reseller Hosting Control Panel
Free - cPanel & WebHost Manager (WHM)


- CPanel 9.x Control Panel Included on Plans
- Unlimited POP3 Email Accounts Included on Plans
- Unlimited Subdomains ( Included on Plans
- Unlimited FTP Accounts Included on Plans
- Unlimited Email Vacation Responders Included on Plans
- Web File Manager Included on Plans
- Web Image Manager Included on Plans
- Backup Protection (Daily and Weekly Offsite) Included on Plans
- Custom Error Pages (404/403/etc.) Included on Plans
- Define MIME Types Included on Plans
- Apache Handlers / (.htaccess) Included on Plans
- Password Protected Folders Included on Plans
- OpenPGP keys Included on Plans
- IP Deny Manager Included on Plans
- Leech Protection Included on Plans
- MS FrontPage Extensions Included on Plans
- Manage Redirects Included on Plans
- Cron Jobs Included on Plans


-MySQL 4.0.x Included on Plans
-PHPMyAdmin Included on Plans


-Fantastico Auto-Installer Included on Plans
-Scripta Auto Installer Included on Plans
-Search Engine Submitter Included on Plans


-POP3 Mail Included on Plans
-SMTP Mail Included on Plans
-IMAP Support Included on Plans
-Secure Email Included on Plans
-Email Aliases : Unlimited Included on Plans
-Email Forwarders : Unlimited Included on Plans
-Email Auto-Responders : Unlimited Included on Plans
-Catch E-mail Address : Unlimited Included on Plans
-NeoMail Web Mail Included on Plans
-Horde Web Mail Included on Plans
-Squirrel Mail Web Mail Included on Plans
-Spam Assassin Included on Plans


-24/7 FTP Access Included on Plans
-FTP Manager Included on Plans
-Custom FTP Messages Included on Plans
-FTP Session Control Included on Plans
-FTP Account Quota Control Included on Plans
-FTP Client Side Software Included on Plans


-Analog Web Statistics Included on Plans
-Webalizer Web Statistics Included on Plans
-Webalizer Web Statistics Included on Plans
-Sub-Domain Statistics Included on Plans
-Lastest Visitor Statistics Included on Plans
-Disk Usage Statistics Included on Plans
-Bandwidth Statistics Included on Plans
-Detailed Access Logs Included on Plans
-Detailed Error Logs Included on Plans


-OS Commerce Shopping Cart Included on Plans
-CubeCart Shopping Cart Included on Plans
-XenCart Shopping Cart System Included on Plans
-Agora Shopping Cart Included on Plans
-https:// 128bit SSL Included on Plans - Optional/Not required

Fantastico and SCRIPTA Auto Installers also installed in all domains' accounts!

Additional Information:

while searching for my new provider I have relized that a VPS account might suit me better
better I will take the best deal weather it is a VPS account Or a Reseller account besides I like the idea of having Total Control ( i.e Root access )

My Wishlist For New Provider

1.Make the Transfer/Switch for me For Little To No fee
2. Reply to My Support Request with in 5-60 minutes no longer then 12 hours
3. if I have a problem address it dont say its my problem not yours if it is my problem help me solve it
4. A support forum is a big +
5. As stated above option to have managed/total control with root access if its a VPS account

My Background
I know a little of this and a little of that but none the less Im no pro my hosting site is not trying to compete with others I have it for personal use and / or for friends
+ maybe a few clients to offset the cost I have many sites and dont have time to deal with hosting problems so I want a provider that is pain/hassles free and that I dont have to babysit and wonder if my services will be up today

If you can offer me This Please email me at if you cant meet or exceed my expections then you wont be considered so please dont respond
But if you think you can work something out to gain a new customer Im standing by and waiting to hear from you

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