When is a GUID not a GUID?

[edited] I want a GUID, and can't seem to make one! My code should convert a string to a GUID; but the resulting GUID is always empty. Here's my code with an actual GUID string thatfails: Private_userGuidAsString="d5774e1e-b3c4-4f2f-9d1e-c2d9e03df61d" Private_gGuidAsGuid _gGuid = New Guid(_userGuid)... Stopping on the next line, I examine _gGuid, and it's Empty. , geosync _gGuid = New Guid(_userGuidStr) i think you have o change that line to : _gGuid = New Guid(_strGuidStr) , I don't get any exceptions either. Just an empty Guid. , Yes , The new Guid will looks empty in debug , but its not ! You can get its value by calling its .ToString() method , dim GuidValue as string= YourGuidInstance.ToString() You can also use the GuidGen tool which generate a guids string for you , to add the tool to vs , go to Tools->Eternal Tools -> Add , for the command value use : C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\Tools\guidgen.exe

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