VB6 code doesnt compile properly?

I'm editing a server and adding commands into it. (It's a chat game). But none of the commands work in game. It compiles fine. I didn't make the server myself and i followed the guide that worked for others... nothing compiles right. Help

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i need compute for the total amount in excel in a group by clause but i dont know how to generate the total of items which are group by area: need help in this code: thanks On Error Resume Next Dim lc, NxtLine, k If Trim(LstCode.Text) "" Then Screen.MousePointer = vbHourglass Connect Set ExlObj = CreateObject("excel.application") ' Initialize the excel object ExlObj.Workbooks.Add ' Add an excel workbook ' Get the required data from the database rsGetData.Open "select distinct AREA,company_code,branch_code,daily_sales,month_to_date,ave_dailysales,previous_year,variance,percentage,mtd_projection,mtd_variance,mtd_percent,current_ytd,previous_ytd,ytd_variance,ytd_percent,ytd_projection,projection_variance,current_ytd_variance from " & _ "dailysales where region = '" + Trim(List1.Text) + "' order by area", con, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic ' rsGetData.Open "select area,SUM(CAST(daily_sales as float))from dailysales group by area", con, adOpenDynamic, adLockOptimistic If Not rsGetData.EOF Then ExlObj.Visible = True ' Show the excel sheet With ExlObj.ActiveSheet ' Print the heading and columns first .Cells(1, 1).Value = "WORLD OF FUN" .Cells(1, 1).Font.Bold = True: .Cells(2, 1).Value = "DAILY SALES REPORT" .Cells(2, 1).Font.Bold = True: 'ADD DATE HERE .Cells(1, 3).Font.Name = "Verdana" '.Cells(1, 3).Font.Bold = True: .Cells(3, 4).Value = "Day Sales" .Cells(3, 4).Font.Bold = True: .Cells(3, 5).Value = "Month To Date Sales": .Cells(3, 5).Font.Bold = True: .Cells(3, 6).Value = "Ave.Daily Sales to Date" .Cells(3, 6).Font.Bold = True: .Cells(3, 7).Value = "Prev. Month Sales to Date" .Cells(3, 7).Font.Bold = True: .Cells(3, 8).Value = "Variance" .Cells(3, 8).Font.Bold = True: .Cells(3, 9).Value = "%" .Cells(3, 9).Font.Bold = True: .Cells(3, 10).Value = "MTD Sales" .Cells(3, 10).Font.Bold = True: .Cells(4, 10).Value = "Projection" .Cells(4, 10).Font.Bold = True: .Cells(3, 11).Value = "Variance" .Cells(3, 11).Font.Bold = True: .Cells(3, 12).Value = "%" .Cells(3, 12).Font.Bold = True: .Cells(3, 13).Value = "Current Year" .Cells(3, 13).Font.Bold = True: .Cells(4, 13).Value = "to Date Sales" .Cells(4, 13).Font.Bold = True: '.Cells(4, 13).Font.Bold = True: ' .Cells(3, 13).Font.Bold = True: .Cells(3, 14).Value = "Previous Year" .Cells(3, 14).Font.Bold = True: .Cells(4, 14).Value = "to Date Sales" .Cells(4, 14).Font.Bold = True: ' .Cells(4, 15).Font.Bold = True: .Cells(3, 15).Value = "Variance" .Cells(3, 15).Font.Bold = True: .Cells(3, 16).Value = "%" .Cells(3, 16).Font.Bold = True: .Cells(3, 17).Value = "YTD Sales" .Cells(3, 17).Font.Bold = True .Cells(4, 17).Value = "Projection" .Cells(4, 17).Font.Bold = True: .Cells(3, 18).Value = "Variance" .Cells(3, 18).Font.Bold = True: .Cells(3, 19).Value = "%" .Cells(3, 19).Font.Bold = True: ExlObj.Columns("A:Y").ColumnWidth = 12 End With End If For k = 1 To rsGetData.Fields.Count ' Column headings are set to bold and white. ' ExlObj.ActiveSheet.Cells(4, k).Font.Bold = True Next Set k = Nothing NxtLine = 5 ' Now we will export data into the sheet Do Until rsGetData.EOF For lc = 0 To rsGetData.Fields.Count - 1 ExlObj.ActiveSheet.Cells(NxtLine, lc + 1).Value = rsGetData.Fields(lc) If rsGetData.Fields.Item(lc).Name "DATE" Then ExlObj.ActiveSheet.Cells(NxtLine, lc + 1).Value = rsGetData.Fields(lc) Else ExlObj.ActiveSheet.Cells(NxtLine, lc + 1).Value = Format(rsGetData.Fields(lc), "dd/mm/yy") End If Next rsGetData.MoveNext NxtLine = NxtLine + 1 Loop ' Once the data has been exported, we will format the sheet _ Screen.MousePointer = vbDefault Else MsgBox "Please select a code" & Chr(13) & "and then proceed", vbInformation Screen.MousePointer = vbDefault Exit Sub End If This post has been edited by macosxnerd101: 25 November 2010 - 09:38 AM Reason for edit:: Please use code tags
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Hi Friends, We have developed a GUI using VB6.0 which is interfaced and communicated to our Micro controller card using RS 232 Communication. we need to display data coming from the micro controller board with respect to time. Every thing is working fine except Power Fail Indication. As i told we need to display the data coming from the micro controller board with respect to Time we need to show/warn an indication when ever there is a power loss during testing (Normally all our tests will run for hours min 1hours to days, data will be stores every 1sec sample rate). So this is a mandatory option we need to implement and also resume the test when power comes. I will not get data when there is no power to our Micro controller board. Actually we should not get any data from serial port when there is no power to micro controller board, but i am getting some junk data even when there is no power. So i am not able to do the comparison. Can some body suggest me a way to do this. Please help me with some example code.
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Hi . I need to find a way to pass the value of my vb6 option button to an access database field. Let me describe it here: I have this field called Gender in my database, which is a Text data type. It should hold either "Male" or "Female" value. This "Male" or "Female" value shall be coming from my vb6 form using option buttons. Option1 holds the Male value and Option2 holds the Female value. When the user clicks either option button, it should pass its value to the Gender field of my database. Here's my code so far: Private Sub Command1_Click() Dim myRS As Recordset If Option1.Value = True Then myRS.Fields!Gender = "Male" ElseIf Option2.Value = True Then myRS.Fields!Gender = "Female" End If Adodc1.Recordset.Update End Sub Additional Info: - When I run the code above, it generates error that says Run-time error 91: Object variable or With block variable not set - I'm using ADO control to connect my vb6 form to access. I have been going around in circle for quite some time now, but it seems I can't find the exact way to solve it. I'd really appreciate any help I could get.
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: I'm looking for a way to have my vb6 program check and download mail from a pop3 mailbox. So far my searching has only found solutions that require buying code. I have also found solutions for checking for the ...
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Using vb6, I would like to have either a text box or label display the current time in UTC format...I can't seem to find any instructions or code snippets on how to accomplish it...
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Does anybody know why I can use the form wizard to create a form with data bound to a Access 97 database but not to an Access 2000 database. With the latter I get the message, "Unrecognised database format 'c:\path\databasename.mdb'" ...
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I have a datadase vb6/sqlserver. On one of the data entry screens there's a listbox called status. The items contained in the listbox consist of O(Open), C(Closed) and R(Recieved). Here is my problem, I need to have a condition put ...
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Can someone please shed some light on this. I have been banging my head for days I have an access database that i am connecting to from VB using jet 4.0 The following insert statement works fine on table 'PtStats' ...
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hello I have a VB6 project which currently accesses a Access 97 database. I now need to upgrade to access 2003 (yeah I know we're behind and I am upgrading to c# later - this is an intermediate step) the ...
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, Does anyone ever try to display a infinity symbol inVB6...
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