Scrollbar does not update while tabbing through controls

i have an SSTAB control on a form. on each tab, i have a Frame which acts as a container for a picturebox. the picturebox in turn acts as a container for a no of textboxes, combos, optionbuttons & checkboxes, placed one below the other.

i have placed a single Vscrollbar towards the right edge of the form.

when i tab / shift-tab through the controls on the picturebox, using tab key or Enter key, the vscrollbar does not update itself. therefore i am unable to see the next control down below.

i have googled for answers but not found any. how do i automatically update the vscrollbar when i tab through the controls on the picturebox lying on a particular tab

Can anyone help me with this

P.S: i have attached a sample file containing the code. Attached File(s) (2.06K)
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