Loop in database doesnt move to next data.

If rsGetInfo.State = adStateOpen Then rsGetInfo.Close
rsGetInfo.Open "SELECT *, SCRAP_SUBWEIGHT.Customer AS SubWCustomer, " _
& " SCRAP_SUBWEIGHT.display AS SubwtDisplay,SCRAP_SUBWEIGHT.SubWeight AS SubWeight" _
& " Where SCRAP_DEFECTSANALYSIS.DateSlitted >= '" & CStr(Format(Me.dtpfrom.Value, "MM/DD/YY 00:00:00")) & "' " _
& " AND SCRAP_DEFECTSANALYSIS.DateSlitted = '" & CStr(Format(Me.dtpfrom.Value, "MM/DD/YY 00:00:00")) & "' " _
& " AND SCRAP_DEFECTSANALYSIS.DateSlitted = '" & CStr(Format(Me.dtpfrom.Value, "MM/DD/YY 00:00:00")) & "' " _

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