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We want to allow the visitor in our web site sending picture file. Where can i find the applet that offer this service.

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My Boss has asked me to find a way to take access tables and upload them to SQL Server via a web interface created by me. Is that possible Does anyone have any leads Thank You!
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just like in my website user: test Pass: test I have a duplicate website here : lovemods use the same login, edit profile, change picture try and upoad and it shows an error same with ADD PICTURE in small menu top right of site! why is this and how can i fix it J
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Hi I've been trying to create a test site - The site uses ASP with VBscript and talks to SQL Server 2000. I was able to complete and test it on my locally on my computer using Microsofts IIS 5.1. The website communicated fine with the database on the webserver/network server However, when I tried to save the site from my local computer to the wwwroot folder in the servers IIS hoping to make the internal site available to here the resulting error comes up when we try to open a page with a recordset connected to the database: - Our Error: - Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers (0x80040E4D) [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][SQL Server]Login failed for user 'AUMBSDDSS\IUSR_AUMBCOMP'. /mysite/htm/test2.asp, line 8 The page calls on an include file Code: From my understanding this was a login error so what I tried to do was change the connection:- Code:
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(regarding this thread: Originally Posted by Shadow Wizard this will not save non-image files. as for extension, I fear I didn't understand what you mean - you try to save the file with different extension I disagree. I was able to upload an Excel Spreadsheet with no trouble at all.
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hi, i have a some pbm, i developed website, in that i have one two asp pages one page to collect the data's and other is the confirmation page In the local host it runs very well but i uploaded the webpage the datas i collect could not be stored in the access database error: http 405 resource not allowed my project consist 1 index page pages folder (all the static pages, asp pages and access database) images folder i specified path as path1= Server.MapPath ("db1.mdb") can anybody help me out in this
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hi, need some help in this issue i have used this code earlier and it works fine its giving an error for the first time here is what i do i get some data and images from html page and then upload the images in sql server the format in table is image so i store the image directly in the table and the corresponding data so what i used to do earlier is have a loader.asp file included into my asp page here is the code for the confirm.asp page Code: and here is the code for the loader.asp page which i have included in the confirm.asp page Code: 0 Then Dim binData binData = Request.BinaryRead(Request.TotalBytes) getData binData End If End Sub Public Function getFileData(name) If dict.Exists(name) Then getFileData = dict(name).Item("Value") Else getFileData = "" End If End Function Public Function getValue(name) Dim gv If dict.Exists(name) Then gv = CStr(dict(name).Item("Value")) gv = Left(gv,Len(gv)-2) getValue = gv Else getValue = "" End If End Function Public Function saveToFile(name, path) If dict.Exists(name) Then Dim temp temp = dict(name).Item("Value") Dim fso Set fso = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Dim file Set file = fso.CreateTextFile(path) For tPoint = 1 to LenB(temp) file.Write Chr(AscB(MidB(temp,tPoint,1))) Next file.Close saveToFile = True Else saveToFile = False End If End Function Public Function getFileName(name) If dict.Exists(name) Then Dim temp, tempPos temp = dict(name).Item("FileName") tempPos = 1 + InStrRev(temp, "\") getFileName = Mid(temp, tempPos) Else getFileName = "" End If End Function Public Function getFilePath(name) If dict.Exists(name) Then Dim temp, tempPos temp = dict(name).Item("FileName") tempPos = InStrRev(temp, "\") getFilePath = Mid(temp, 1, tempPos) Else getFilePath = "" End If End Function Public Function getFilePathComplete(name) If dict.Exists(name) Then getFilePathComplete = dict(name).Item("FileName") Else getFilePathComplete = "" End If End Function Public Function getFileSize(name) If dict.Exists(name) Then getFileSize = LenB(dict(name).Item("Value")) Else getFileSize = 0 End If End Function Public Function getFileSizeTranslated(name) If dict.Exists(name) Then temp = LenB(dict(name).Item("Value")) If temp 0 inStrByte = InStrB(currentPos, rawData, separator) mValue = inStrByte - currentPos If mValue > 1 Then value = MidB(rawData, currentPos, mValue) Dim begPos, endPos, midValue, nValue Dim intDict Set intDict = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.Dictionary") begPos = 1 + InStrB(1, value, ChrB(34)) endPos = InStrB(begPos + 1, value, ChrB(34)) nValue = endPos Dim nameN nameN = MidB(value, begPos, endPos - begPos) Dim nameValue, isValid isValid = True If InStrB(1, value, stringToByte("Content-Type")) > 1 Then begPos = 1 + InStrB(endPos + 1, value, ChrB(34)) endPos = InStrB(begPos + 1, value, ChrB(34)) If endPos = 0 Then endPos = begPos + 1 isValid = False End If midValue = MidB(value, begPos, endPos - begPos) intDict.Add "FileName", trim(byteToString(midValue)) begPos = 14 + InStrB(endPos + 1, value, stringToByte("Content-Type:")) endPos = InStrB(begPos, value, ChrB(13)) midValue = MidB(value, begPos, endPos - begPos) intDict.Add "ContentType", trim(byteToString(midValue)) begPos = endPos + 4 endPos = LenB(value) nameValue = MidB(value, begPos, ((endPos - begPos) - 1)) Else nameValue = trim(byteToString(MidB(value, nValue + 5))) End If If isValid = True Then intDict.Add "Value", nameValue intDict.Add "Name", nameN dict.Add byteToString(nameN), intDict End If End If currentPos = lenSeparator + inStrByte Wend End Sub End Class Private Function stringToByte(toConv) Dim tempChar For i = 1 to Len(toConv) tempChar = Mid(toConv, i, 1) stringToByte = stringToByte & chrB(AscB(tempChar)) Next End Function Private Function byteToString(toConv) For i = 1 to LenB(toConv) byteToString = byteToString & Chr(AscB(MidB(toConv,i,1))) Next End Function %> its throwing an error in loader.asp page like this Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0005' Invalid procedure call or argument: 'MidB' /store/mainwebsite/Loader.asp, line 134 and line 134 is this one separator = MidB(rawData, 1, InstrB(1, rawData, ChrB(13)) - 1) can someone tell me whats it related with i am uploading 3 images at one time
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I have created a website where users can place advertisements and upload complementing photos. I have elected to place the advertiser's contact details and advertisement in 1 table in an Access database and the corresponding photo and Account ID in a second linked table. Once the photo is inserted as a BLOB, the advertiser is forwarded to the payments page. The upload page has a form with a file field and a hidden field with the Account ID which as been passed on the previous page by a session variable. The website is hosted on a remote server by my web host. My problem is that the image and the Account ID are not inserted into the database even though the processing page successfully redirects to the payments page. I am new to web programming so I am unsure where my problem lies. The code of the processing page is as follows:
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I am new to ASP and I have been told to write a script that will automatically upload an access database stored in server in our building to the webserver located in another building. This script should run automatically once every week. Please help me out by suggesting how can i do it.
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hi, i have a problem with my site , when i am working it offline all operations (insert,update,delete) performing properly. but on uploading it on server it the query of insert update not working only select qry is working error is database or object is read only. on uploading database is connected properly code of registration page is- freg.asp registration main page (reg.asp page is on Code: na=request.form("name")'r etc.... 'inserting space in optional field if t="" then t=" " endif Set rs1 = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") "reg",con,[color=#ff00f0]2,[color=#ff00f0]3 rs1.addnew rs1("photo")="no" rs1("paid")="no" rs1("title")= t rs1("name")= na rs1("age")= ag rs1("gender")=gn rs1("complexion")=com rs1("m_status")=mst rs1("feet")=f rs1("inch")=inc rs1("weight")=wt rs1("caste")=ca rs1("vansh")=vn rs1("gautra")=ga rs1("m_vansh")=m_vn rs1("m_gautra")=m_ga rs1("education")=ed rs1("fam_pro")=bk rs1("occupation")=j rs1("income")=i rs1("hobbies")=ho rs1("phy_status")=phy rs1("pro_desc")=des rs1("country")=cou rs1("state")=st rs1("city")=ct rs1("e_mail")=eml rs1("phone1")=p1 rs1("phone2")=p2 rs1("phone3")=p3 rs1("mobile")=mo rs1("address")=ad rs1("login_id")=id rs1("pass")=ps rs1.update "reg",con,2,3 any one pl. help me
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Hi... I have an upload feature on my site... it works fine... but I want to validate the uploading file extension for .doc or .html before being uploaded to the server(client-side). I have the validation to check text fields are not blank.... The first validation is for checking the text field... the second "blob" is the file upload field.... This is my code in Vbscript.... can any one help please Code:
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Hi all, I have been working away all day at a method to upload files to a server. The files will typically be in the range 100-200MB. The method which I have found is good is using, and splitting the incoming data into chunks, with the incoming data coming from a "multipart/formdata" form. Code: totalsize) then chunksize = totalsize end if bytesleft = totalsize set objADO = server.createobject("") objADO.type = 1 counter = 0 do while bytesleft > 0 if (bytesleft < chunksize) then chunksize = bytesleft end if objADO.Write Request.BinaryRead(ChunkSize) objADO.Position = objADO.Size objADO.savetofile "C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\test2\content\response" & counter & ".txt" bytesleft = bytesleft - chunksize counter = counter + 1 loop objADO.close set objFSO = nothing %> Now this works. It splits the incoming data into 128KB chunks, and writes each chunk to a separate file. This keeps down memory usage on the server. Every free upload script I have tried seems to keep the whole file in memory, and the box crashes! But I need, obviously, to be able to save all the data in one file. And does not support an append feature. Is there anyone out there that can help me Cheers for any replies, Bob. p.s. components such as ASPupload aren't an option -- tight budget.
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i am new to asp help me please i am using msxml.xmlhttp.4.0 for uploading a file to the server when i upload the file the error message is displayed what might be the problem
Creating a form and uploading it to sharepoint   (762 Views)
Hi. I am trying to create a computer management form/web application. I am not a good programmer. I use sharepoint at work to do most of the tasks which are fairly automated. Now the computer management form is designed this way: Name Type(DropDown) Used(Checkbos) AssignButton --------------- Switch _ ---------------- Computer name Server | _| BUTTON ---------------- Desktop ----------------- Router That is basically what the form will look like When user clicks the checkbox, it should pop up with a messagebox telling to user do you want to assign this computername. If the user click OK then it should DIMMM the Asign button and dimm the checkbox. So users know this computer name is assigned and cannot be used. Now the form should be able to remember these settings when the user checks this form the next time. So what should i use a database or a text file what language should i use as i have to upload it on sharepoint and it supports i think asp ... or page created in frontpage not good with programming languages so forgive me if i act a bit dumb any help will be appreciated
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I am building a cms that has the opportunity to upload 3 images in the addproduct page as below: Code: Picture of Full Length Clock: Picture of Hood of Clock: Picture of Face of Clock: is fine, browsing and selecting, until I click submit to go to the next page that deals with that information. It only seems to register the last picture in all 3 picture areas. The code im using is below, and as you can see ive tried doing something but it isnt working, can anybody help Code: Set Upload = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Upload") theCount ="..")&"\images\uploaded") For Each File in Upload.Files filename = File.FileName filename2 = File.FileName filename3 = File.FileName Next 'Count = Upload.SaveVirtual("../upload") ' Get the form variables addProduct = TRIM (Upload.Form("addProduct")) updateProduct = TRIM (Upload.Form("updateProduct")) deleteProduct = TRIM (Upload.Form("deleteProduct")) 'response.write("delete=" & deleteProduct) delID = TRIM (Upload.Form("delID")) catID = TRIM (Upload.Form("catID")) artTitle = TRIM (Upload.Form("artTitle")) artCategory = TRIM (Upload.Form("artCategory")) artBriefDesc = TRIM (Upload.Form("artBriefDesc")) artPrice = TRIM (Upload.Form("artPrice")) artPicFull = TRIM (filename) artHood = TRIM (filename2) artFace = TRIM (filename3)