uploader with multi element form

i need to find some scrit to uploadimages but with multi elements form
i mean i need to put some textboxes and compo boxes with the uploading form to process the data entered in the text boxes and copbo boxes
something = the posting new thread
u can write ur thread and choose file to attach
hope it's clear , it's working like a dream
but how can i make some limit for file size i mean if the user tried 2 upload a file more than somw size he gets error messege

also how can i change the files directory to a ub directory from the pages directory like images or download

what ever thx alot jofa and jmi

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Basically what I've got is a problem when I'm trying to upload an image in an 'edit' page via the cms.I have 6 images that are uploaded fine via a 'add product' page, then when I go to my edit page and for example change 1 of those images of the 6 and upload that, I get problems, but all is fine if when im in the 'edit' page I change another piece of data and submit.I have included below the 2 pages that are used when 'editing' a selection.IF NOT rsuserU.EOF THENartTitle = rsuserU( "art_Title" )artCategory = rsuserU( "art_Category" )artBriefDesc = rsuserU( "art_BDescription" )artPrice = rsuserU( "art_Price" )artPicFull = rsuserU( "art_ThumbFull" )artFace = rsuserU( "art_ThumbFace" )artHood = rsuserU( "art_ThumbHood" )artExtra1 = rsuserU( "image_Extra1" )artExtra2 = rsuserU( "image_Extra2" )artExtra3 = rsuserU( "image_Extra3" )artCaseDesc = rsuserU( "case_Text" )artDialDesc = rsuserU( "dial_Text" )artMovementDesc = rsuserU( "movement_Text" )artMakerDesc = rsuserU( "maker_Text" )artDatDesc = rsuserU( "dat_Text" )artHeightDesc = rsuserU( "height_Text" )artStatus = rsuserU( "art_Status" )artMoonDisplay = rsuserU( "art_MoonDisplay" )artDisplay = rsuserU( "art_Display" )END IFrsuserU.CloseFUNCTION SELECTED( firstVal, secondVal ) IF cSTR( firstVal ) = cSTR( secondVal ) THEN SELECTED = " SELECTED " END IFEND FUNCTION%> Edit or Update Clock Information: Title: Category: Longcase Mahogany Longcase Oak Longcase Walnut Longcase Marquetry Longcase Lacquer Longcase Miscellaneous Other clocks and instruments Barometers Restoration Longcase Mahogany Archive Longcase Oak Archive Longcase Walnut Archive Longcase Marquetry Archive Longcase Lacquer Archive Longcase Miscellaneous Archive Other clocks and instruments Archive Barometers Archive Brief Description: Price: Please note! When changing an image, you have to change or re-load all 6 Current Full Length Clock Picture:   New Full Length Clock Picture: Current Clock Face Picture:   New Clock Face Picture: Current Clock Hood Picture:   New Clock Hood Picture: Current Extra Picture 1:   New Extra Picture 1: Current Extra Picture 2:   New Extra Picture 2: Current Extra Picture 3:   New Extra Picture 3: Please note! When changing an image, you have to change or re-load all 6 Case Description: Dial Description: Movement Description: Maker Description: Date Description: Height Description: Status: IN STOCK SOLD Moon Image Display: YES NO Display: YES NO Back This is then submitted here:if instr(Trim(Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_REFERER")),"addproduct_art.asp") or instr(Trim(Request.ServerVariables("HTTP_REFERER")),"updateproduct_art.asp") then Set Upload = Server.CreateObject("Persits.Upload") theCount ="..")&"\images\uploaded") dim arr(6), i i = 1 For Each File in Upload.Files arr(i) = File.FileName i = i + 1 Next 'Count = Upload.SaveVirtual("../upload") ' Get the form variables addProduct = TRIM (Upload.Form("addProduct")) updateProduct = TRIM (Upload.Form("updateProduct")) deleteProduct = TRIM (Upload.Form("deleteProduct")) 'response.write("delete=" & deleteProduct) delID = TRIM (Upload.Form("delID")) catID = TRIM (Upload.Form("catID")) artTitle = TRIM (Upload.Form("artTitle")) artCategory = TRIM (Upload.Form("artCategory")) artBriefDesc = TRIM (Upload.Form("artBriefDesc")) artPrice = TRIM (Upload.Form("artPrice")) artPicFull = TRIM (arr(1)) artFace = TRIM (arr(2)) artHood = TRIM (arr(3)) artExtra1 = TRIM (arr(4)) artExtra2 = TRIM (arr(5)) artExtra3 = TRIM (arr(6)) artCaseDesc = TRIM (Upload.Form("artCaseDesc")) artDialDesc = TRIM (Upload.Form("artDialDesc")) artMovementDesc = TRIM (Upload.Form("artMovementDesc")) artMakerDesc = TRIM (Upload.Form("artMakerDesc")) artDatDesc = TRIM (Upload.Form("artDatDesc")) artHeightDesc = TRIM (Upload.Form("artHeightDesc")) artStatus = TRIM (Upload.Form("artStatus")) artMoonDisplay = TRIM (Upload.Form("artMoonDisplay")) artDisplay = TRIM (Upload.Form("artDisplay")) origImage = TRIM(upload.Form("origImage")) origFImage = TRIM(upload.Form("origFImage")) origHImage = TRIM(upload.Form("origHImage")) origExtra1 = TRIM(upload.Form("origExtra1")) origExtra2 = TRIM(upload.Form("origExtra2")) origExtra3 = TRIM(upload.Form("origExtra3")) set upload = nothing 'Assign Default Values IF artTitle = "" THEN artTitle = " " END IF IF artCategory = "" THEN artCategory = " " END IF IF artBriefDesc = "" THEN artBriefDesc = " " END IF IF artPrice = "" THEN artPrice = " " END IF IF artCaseDesc = "" THEN artCaseDesc = " " END IF IF artDialDesc = "" THEN artDialDesc = " " END IF IF artMovementDesc = "" THEN artMovementDesc = " " END IF IF artMakerDesc = "" THEN artMakerDesc = " " END IF IF artDatDesc = "" THEN artDatDesc = " " END IF IF artHeightDesc = "" THEN artHeightDesc = " " END IF IF artStatus = "" THEN artStatus = " " END IF IF artMoonDisplay = "" THEN artMoonDisplay = " " END IF IF artDisplay = "" THEN artDisplay = " " END IF ' Add new product if artPicFull = "" then Pimage = origImage else Pimage = artPicFull end if if artFace = "" then Fimage = origFImage else Fimage = artFace end if if artHood = "" then Himage = origHImage else Himage = artHood end if if artExtra1 = "" then Extra1 = origExtra1 else Extra1 = artExtra1 end if if artExtra2 = "" then Extra2 = origExtra2 else Extra2 = artExtra2 end if if artExtra3 = "" then Extra3 = origExtra3 else Extra3 = artExtra3 end if if addProduct "" then strsqlM = "INSERT INTO eventDisplay " &_ "( art_Title, art_Category, art_BDescription, art_Price, art_ThumbFull, art_ThumbFace, art_ThumbHood, image_Extra1, image_Extra2, image_Extra3, case_Text, dial_Text, movement_Text, maker_Text, dat_Text, height_Text, art_Status, art_MoonDisplay, art_Display ) VALUES (" &_ " '" & fixQuotes (artTitle ) & "', " &_ " '" & fixQuotes (artCategory ) & "', " &_ " '" & fixQuotes (artBriefDesc ) & "', " &_ " '" & fixQuotes (artPrice ) & "', " &_ " '" & fixQuotes (artPicFull ) & "', " &_ " '" & fixQuotes (artFace ) & "', " &_ " '" & fixQuotes (artHood ) & "', " &_ " '" & fixQuotes (artExtra1 ) & "', " &_ " '" & fixQuotes (artExtra2 ) & "', " &_ " '" & fixQuotes (artExtra3 ) & "', " &_ " '" & fixQuotes (artCaseDesc ) & "', " &_ " '" & fixQuotes (artDialDesc ) & "', " &_ " '" & fixQuotes (artMovementDesc ) & "', " &_ " '" & fixQuotes (artMakerDesc ) & "', " &_ " '" & fixQuotes (artDatDesc ) & "', " &_ " '" & fixQuotes (artHeightDesc ) & "', " &_ " '" & fixQuotes (artStatus ) & "', " &_ " " & fixQuotes (artMoonDisplay ) & ", " &_ " " & fixQuotes (artDisplay ) & " )" ' strsql, conn On Error Resume NextConnM.Execute strsqlMIf Err 0 Then Response.Write "Error in query " & strsqlM Response.EndEnd If end if %> Clock Title: Category: Brief Description: Price: Picture of full length:   Picture of the face:   Picture of the hood:   Extra Image 1:   Extra Image 2:   Extra Image 3:   Case Description:   Dial Description:   Movement Description:   Maker Description:   Date Description:   Height Description:   Status: Moon Display:   Display:   Was added to the database
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,I was wondering if anyone could advise me on the best way forward with a potential piece of development I am facing.I would like a user to be able to locate an image stored on their machine and for that image to be copied across to a location on a directory on the web server. I would prefer to do this via an ASP page.I am unsure of the best place to start, and so if anyone has any pointers/ helpful references etc etc they would be much appreciated
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i'm having a problem with end users submitting more then one photo for there number, the problem is it doesn't rename the second file. it only renames the first file they upload. is there a way to have the second file renamed 71b.jpg or something like that. instead of just uploading it with out renaming it
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I have a login page where user enters his username password i verify if he is a valid user or not if he is i redirect him to a diff page and in querystring i transfer 3 variables ok I get the 3 variables on that page then i have 3 radio buttons when user selects one of them i display the company name and they upload the file and some stas for the company the client requirement is when the user submits the form it should be done by radio button not a submit button for uploading of file i have used shadow's code here is my problem if the user doesnt upload a file it gives me an error saying Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01a8' Object required: 'm_Request' /ERP/onlineerp/ShadowUploader.asp, line 27 here is the code for it [CODE] Company Details Country U.S.A Canada International Company name Stats Upload File /> now i have the code for submitcompany.asp Code: