Upload pdfs shadow script

I am uploading 12 pdfs

using shadow upload script

here is my code
Code: Set objUpload=New ShadowUpload If objUpload.GetError"" Then Response.Write("Sorry, could not upload: "&objUpload.GetError) Else For x=0 To objUpload.FileCount-1 Call objUpload.File(x).SaveToDisk("F:\Inetpub\WWWRoot\pdfs\", "") Next End If How do i get the names of the pdfs

there will not always be 12 pdfs sometimes there will be 2 sometimes 5

any idea

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It will attempt ::: '::: to read any file, regardless of the extension, and will ::: '::: identify if it is a graphical image. ::: '::: ::: '::: Passed: ::: '::: flnm => Filespec of file to read ::: '::: width => width of image ::: '::: height => height of image ::: '::: depth => color depth (in number of colors) ::: '::: strImageType=> type of image (e.g. GIF, BMP, etc.) ::: '::: ::: '::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: function gfxSpex(flnm, width, height, depth, strImageType) dim strPNG dim strGIF dim strBMP dim strType dim strBuff dim lngSize dim flgFound dim strTarget dim lngPos dim ExitLoop dim lngMarkerSize strType = "" strImageType = "(unknown)" gfxSpex = False strPNG = chr(137) & chr(80) & chr(78) strGIF = "GIF" strBMP = chr(66) & chr(77) strType = GetBytes(flnm, 0, 3) if strType = strGIF then ' is GIF strImageType = "GIF" Width = lngConvert(GetBytes(flnm, 7, 2)) Height = lngConvert(GetBytes(flnm, 9, 2)) Depth = 2 ^ ((asc(GetBytes(flnm, 11, 1)) and 7) + 1) gfxSpex = True elseif left(strType, 2) = strBMP then ' is BMP strImageType = "BMP" Width = lngConvert(GetBytes(flnm, 19, 2)) Height = lngConvert(GetBytes(flnm, 23, 2)) Depth = 2 ^ (asc(GetBytes(flnm, 29, 1))) gfxSpex = True elseif strType = strPNG then ' Is PNG strImageType = "PNG" Width = lngConvert2(GetBytes(flnm, 19, 2)) Height = lngConvert2(GetBytes(flnm, 23, 2)) Depth = getBytes(flnm, 25, 2) select case asc(right(Depth,1)) case 0 Depth = 2 ^ (asc(left(Depth, 1))) gfxSpex = True case 2 Depth = 2 ^ (asc(left(Depth, 1)) * 3) gfxSpex = True case 3 Depth = 2 ^ (asc(left(Depth, 1))) '8 gfxSpex = True case 4 Depth = 2 ^ (asc(left(Depth, 1)) * 2) gfxSpex = True case 6 Depth = 2 ^ (asc(left(Depth, 1)) * 4) gfxSpex = True case else Depth = -1 end select else strBuff = GetBytes(flnm, 0, -1) ' Get all bytes from file lngSize = len(strBuff) flgFound = 0 strTarget = chr(255) & chr(216) & chr(255) flgFound = instr(strBuff, strTarget) if flgFound = 0 then exit function end if strImageType = "JPG" lngPos = flgFound + 2 ExitLoop = false do while ExitLoop = False and lngPos < lngSize do while asc(mid(strBuff, lngPos, 1)) = 255 and lngPos < lngSize lngPos = lngPos + 1 loop if asc(mid(strBuff, lngPos, 1)) < 192 or asc(mid(strBuff, lngPos, 1)) > 195 then lngMarkerSize = lngConvert2(mid(strBuff, lngPos + 1, 2)) lngPos = lngPos + lngMarkerSize + 1 else ExitLoop = True end if loop if ExitLoop = False then Width = -1 Height = -1 Depth = -1 else Height = lngConvert2(mid(strBuff, lngPos + 4, 2)) Width = lngConvert2(mid(strBuff, lngPos + 6, 2)) Depth = 2 ^ (asc(mid(strBuff, lngPos + 8, 1)) * 8) gfxSpex = True end if end if End Function End Class %>
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