Shadow uploader ??

i'm having a problem with end users submitting more then one photo for there number, the problem is it doesn't rename the second file. it only renames the first file they upload. is there a way to have the second file renamed 71b.jpg or something like that. instead of just uploading it with out renaming it

Posted On: Friday 26th of October 2012 01:03:48 AM Total Views:  341
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I have a login page where user enters his username password i verify if he is a valid user or not if he is i redirect him to a diff page and in querystring i transfer 3 variables ok I get the 3 variables on that page then i have 3 radio buttons when user selects one of them i display the company name and they upload the file and some stas for the company the client requirement is when the user submits the form it should be done by radio button not a submit button for uploading of file i have used shadow's code here is my problem if the user doesnt upload a file it gives me an error saying Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01a8' Object required: 'm_Request' /ERP/onlineerp/ShadowUploader.asp, line 27 here is the code for it [CODE] Company Details Country U.S.A Canada International Company name Stats Upload File /> now i have the code for submitcompany.asp Code: