Resize the image and save problem

I have problem with resizing a picture and don't know what the problem with the following code:

dim fs
dim sourcefile
sourcefile = uploadsDirVar & filename
set fs=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject ")

'to access the data of the image
dim iwidth, iHeight
dim myImg

if fs.fileExists(sourcefile) then
set myImg = loadpicture(sourcefile)
iwidth = round(myImg.width / 26.4583)
iHeight = round(myImg.height / 26.4583)

if (iwidth > 250) then
iHeight = (iHeight * 250)/iwidth
iwidth = 250
end if

If (myImg.Width > iwidth) or (myImg.Height > iHeight) Then
If (myImg.Width / iwidth) > (myImg.Height / iHeight) Then
myImg.Resize iwidth, 0
myImg.Resize 0, iHeight
End If
End If

myImg.WriteFile sourcefile
set myImg = nothing
end if

set fs=nothing

when i run it, the following error occur :

Object doesn't support this property or method: 'myImg.Resize'

Can anyone help me

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