Question about uploading tables

My Boss has asked me to find a way to take access tables and upload them to SQL Server via a web interface created by me. Is that possible Does anyone have any leads

Thank You!

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I have this code where i display the image Code: it doesnt display the pic then store.asp code is like this Code: but it doesnt display the pic the pic field in access is text type i store the url in the pic field and the pic is stored in a folder can someone tell me what i am doing wrong todd
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I have an asp script which writes a button given by the code: Code: if rs("notes")"" then response.write("") else end if I press the submit button to get to the next page. Does anyone know a way that I could get it to automatically submit without pressing the submit button. Ie automatically performs the action without requiring clicking on the submit button.
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When you display information from a the database, and the database type for it is Yes or No. It displays as True or False in asp when writing it back. Is it possible to get it to say Yes or No instead of True or False without adding a ton of new variables or some hacky workaround
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Code: dim sumv, mySQL, conntemp, rstemp mySQL="SELECT COUNT(*) FROM crminfo where open = '1'" call getFromDatabase(mySQL, rstemp, "sort2cat.asp") if not rstemp.EOF then response.write rstemp.count end if
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Hi I have added a tracking element and also an unsubscribe element to my newsletter, all working great. I am all set ready to send my newsletters via CDOSYS, and have found a little problem. I dont want the emails to be send using blind carbon copy. As this is in-personal. However I dont wish for each of the clients to see other peoples email addresses. So what am I to do to achieve this. I have reached a stumbling block, as everything else was quite simple once thought about. Can anyone advise on how to work around this problem. Code: With oCdoMail .From = "email address" .To = "database list" End With I would most likely have in the to area an output of all email addresses seperated via a ";" symbol. But before even testing this I know that all email addresses will be shown to all receiving it. Please help. Trev
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i think this will be an easy question In html when you make a input box you can set it so it has a default value and is readonly How do i set it so the default value is read from an asp form before hand For example Code: Your name: Then on the Ex.2.asp page it would display a textbox in html with whatever value you entered into the previous form appearing in there and would be readonly
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I have to admit that I have always been a php developer and have very limited exposure to asp. I can typically read the code and figure out what is going on, but wouldn't know where to begin writing me own at this point; which is where my problem comes up. I am trying to re-write a tool (that is in asp) in php (long story as to why). The asp software is talking to a Pervasive.SQL (v8) database, but I can't figure out how. The only connection lines that exist in the file are: set my_conn= Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") my_Conn.Open Application("FOS_ConnectionString") Now I did some searching online and I thought that maybe the FOS_ConnectionString would point to a UDL file that contained the location of the database, username, password, etc... But I can't find any udl files. Am I way off-base here Anybody care to tell me exactly how the above code is opening a database connection... My guess is that the first line tells it what type of connection to use (ADOdb), then the next line tells it to open the database connection, but I need to know how to find the database location, username, password, etc.. strictly from this code (the past developer is no longer involved).
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tried the new code same error ID field in access is autonumber and pic is a text field todd
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Sorry to have to ask a dumb question, but it's just one of those things I'm having trouble figuring out. I have the following: Code: cLng(rs("tv1"))-cLng(DSHIFTCOUNT) Then Blah Blah Blah %> that I'm running as part of a loop. I'm trying to increment the "1" in "tcv1" each time I loop through, but I'm not sure of the syntax to insert a variable in where the 1 is. Can someone help me out
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My page loads properly in IE, but not Firefox. the colors in the tables are missing. Is this a limitation of firefox (not being able to load asp pages properly) Or is there something I can do to my asp page so that it loads correctly in firefox I know this is probably a basic question... THANKS!
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You probably get a lot of these (lol) but I'm just trying to create a quick ASP thing. I can't figure out why it isn't working, so here we go: [highlight="ASP"] [/highlight] And the error I am getting is Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error '80004005' [Microsoft][ODBC Microsoft Access Driver] Operation must use an updateable query. /SendCode.asp, line 31 Which is the DBConn.execute strInsertSQL. I know this has to do with write permissions, but I can't figure out how to fix the problem. Can anyone walk me through how to make it so that internet guests could add information
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Hi all, Ok, I've got a form with various pieces of ASP validation on it. For instance, a message will flag up in the Contact Name text box field is left blank....the error message is stored in a variable called errMsg0 Code: If conname = "" then errorname = "yes" errFlag = True errMsg0 = "* Please enter a valid name." end if If the field contains numbers, I have this validation: Code: if isnumeric(conname) = True then errorname2 = "yes" errFlag = True errMsg12 = "* Please enter a valid name." end if So the two examples above seem to work, but I've stumbled across two problems. Firstly, the "isnumeric validation" example will stop the user from entering, say "1234567" but if the user puts something like "12223 3222" into the field, the form allows it (due to the space). I don't want this to happen. I haven't a clue how to write a piece of validation script which will allow numbers, but NO spaces...i've tried using the InStr function, like so... Code: if InStr(conname, " ") = True then errortel2 = "yes" errFlag = True errMsg12 = "* Please enter a valid tel no." end if ...but this doesn't seem to work. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can get round this problem Also, does anyone know how I could implement a piece of asp form validation code which stops the user from entering letters into a text field
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Can an id value be passed as a session variable so that when i go to a new page, I can pull it up again for example in the first page i would have a statment Code: session("id")=" & id & " and in the second page i would have a statement such as Code: sql="update table set xyz= afdf where id = " & session("id") & "" or can numericals not be passed as session variables If not, is there another way of passing the id.
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Can someone clarify for me It is my understanding that .asp is just a page extension that tells the server that the page is to be handled by the server, not the client and that the coding inside an asp page is asp(script) per say but that rather the coding inside an asp page is something like vbscript, etc. It is also my understanding that javascript is client side scripting. I have forms that I need to modify (someone else wrote them) and they are .asp pages but they put at the top of the page (language equals javascript) Does that mean that the code in the .asp page (since it was written in javascript is actually be handled by the client I need to make sure that what I do is handled by the server. Should I rewrite the hole .asp page and use vbscript Need direction please...
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I currently have my syntax right to create a document using FSO. I want to create the same document but with a different extension. How is that possible I am currently using this. I also want to create a file with .don extension. Code: path = "\\servername\wwwroot\Internet\" & session.sessionID & ".dat" Set fso = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") if fso.FileExists(path) then fso.DeleteFile(path) set file = fso.createtextfile(path) file.writeline "Dealer Data:" & vbCrLf & "" & Request.Cookies("dealer")("id") ... file.close set file = nothing set fso = nothing I tried this below but I didn't get it working. Any suggestions either using this or another approach Code: 'fso.CopyFile Server.MapPath(, Replace(Server.MapPath(,".dat",".don", true)
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i have duplicate values for a form field and i need to trim it right at the, so my qs value is 1651,1651,1651 so on i need to convert it to just the first 1651 thanx
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Does the for next loop support something like the following, meaning can I go back to a for next loop and start in the middle of an array versus reading the entire array every time. 'I have an array loaded as below from ObjRsReg recordset iArrayRowNbr=0 Do while not objRsReg.eof aRegistration(iUserid,iArrayRowNbr) = objRsReg("User_Id") aRegistration(iCourseId,iArrayRowNbr) = objRsReg("Title_Id") aRegistration(iStatus,iArrayRowNbr) = objRsReg("Status") iArrayRowNbr = iArrayRowNbr + 1 objRsReg.moveNext Loop 'I want to control setting iArrayRowNbr so that I only go through the array JUST ONCE Do While Not objRs.EOF For iArrayRowNbr=iArrayRowNbr to UBound(aRegistration,2) If objRS("user_Id")= aRegistration(iUserid,iArrayRowNbr) then iArrayRowNbr = iArrayRowNbr +1 Else Exit For End If Next Loop
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I tried implementing with that suggestion. I appreciate the help but it could not find the file.
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I have a dropdown box which shows all the categories from the Northwind database. Now is there a way, if I enter a letter 'B', then it would show me only the categories starting with the letter 'B'. Then I type 'e' to get 'Be'. There could be other categories with the first 2 letters 'Be', so it narrows down the options in the select box. The dropdown box is populated with a VBScript array. Any ideas how to do this It is similar to what is done when we type an email in the Yahoo email 'To' bar and as we type in, those names comes up.
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, I have an asp front-end that authenticates users based on their last name and their membership id before giving them access to a protected part of our site. The script runs without problems except when a last name with a single quote is entered (O'Brien). I get the error message: "Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error '80040e14' Line 1: Incorrect syntax near 'brien'. /records.asp, line 150 " I will append the code that runs that particular page and will highlight line 150 for you . If anyone can give me an insight into what's going and how to fix it I would greatly appreciate it. code from my page Code: ! World Records SEARCH WORLD RECORDS Any visitor to our site can view most pages. However, certain sections, such as the World Records, are limited to IGFA Members. We've changed our system to further facilitate your searchs, now in order to log in into our world record database all you need to provide us with is your membership number and last name or business name just as it appears on your membership card. Think you have a world record fill out a printable application by clicking here! Become an IGFA Member If you are not a member and would like to join click here.   Last Name : Member ID : You are already logged in. Do you want to logout or login as a different user or Keep searching for World Records   You must have cookies enabled to use this Website. Click here for cookies help Click here if you need further assistance.