problem in uploading file

i am new to asp help me please
i am using msxml.xmlhttp.4.0 for uploading a file to the server
when i upload the file the error message is displayed
what might be the problem

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I am trying to download a pdf file from the server to a client machine using ASP.NET. Here's my code: Response.Clear(); Response.ContentType="application/octet-stream"; Response.AddHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=" + filename); Response.Flush(); Response.WriteFile(filename); This pops-up the download dialog and saves the file on the client machine. However, when I try to open the pdf file, I get an error - 'There was an error opening this document. The file is damaged and could not be repaired'. Upon opening the file in NOTEPAD, I see that in addition to the pdf data, the HTML version of the file is also appended to it. Could this be the 'damage' How can I prevent the appending of the HTML. P.S - This pdf document is the result of a report export and can be opened using PDF without any problem. This does not have the added HTML in it.
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I'll try and explain. start.asp shows a table with repeating region from a database: What should happen is if the record has terms_req=no the the go link will do as its doing now. If however the record has terms_req=yes then the go link should go to the terms.asp as it does now. Client then reads the terms and either agrees or declines. If they agree the "agree" button/link should forward them on to their original request. As of now have not been able to get the original url request to carry through to the terms.asp page. Have listed the request.server.variables available to the terms page just in case it helps anyone figure this out. Many
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i am trying to get identity column value after doing an insert by using recordset.addnew. In my sqlserver db table has 60 columns. if i insert value to only first 2 columns then i am getting proper identity. if i insert to for all columns or except these 2 fields then i am getting wrong identity value. for example after insert, In Sql server newly inserted id value is 32000 but in application i am getting id = 4000001. my code is rsCoverSheet.addnew rsCoverSheet("name") = contactName rsCoverSheet("Phone") = contactPhone rsCoverSheet("ContactCell") = contactCell rsCoverSheet("ContactEmail") = contactEmail rsCoverSheet("ContactFax") = contactFax . . . . rsCoverSheet.Update sID = rsCoverSheet("iSubmitID") the data is getting saved. no problem with saving. problem with retrieving the identity column isubmitid only. can anybody help me on this i got confused with either DB problem or application problem
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Hi all I have a website in asp (hosted on windows server) which seems accessible during 9am-9pm which isn't accessible after. Hosting say their servers are on all the time and say it could be a problem with the site. The thing is that html pages can be accessed but not asp pages. The site then works as normal in the morning just like magic. This happens about 2-3 times per week. Any ideas please
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OK you can do this app rove/ disaprove disaproved aproved none
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Hi all, I'm trying to authinticate users and force a login using an Access DB and an include in all secured pages. I'm using a script from however I can't get the connection string right, I've been having a go for about 3 days now and I just can't get it right. My path is d:\ftproot\shiv\data\ship-ahoy\captains_log.mdb and the table used for the user and password field is tableValidUsers the field names are as per the example. Could anyone please point me in the right direction,
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Trying to use a command to update a field within a MS Access table. Here is the text for the UPDATE statement (from Response.Write) UPDATE TBL_Leave1 SET 0104= ''Yep'' WHERE EmpID=38 Here is the error statement Microsoft JET Database Engineerror '80040e14' Syntax error (missing operator) in query expression '''Yep'''. /CDDN/Leave3c.asp, line 61 Line 61 is just the execute line Code attached Co
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, I am trying to use the VBScript InStr() function on recordsets from 2 different databases, 1 is SQL 2000 Server, the other is MS Access 2000. In the code below, objRS("SearchString") is of type "Text" from an Access 2000 database. The text is in the format "-CBBA-CDDD-CABC-CAEE". Basically, unique 4-letter strings separated by "-". objRS2("Find") is of type "VarChar" from a SQL 2000 database. The text is in the format "CBBA", or unique 4-letter strings. For some reason, the InStr() function is not functioning properly, (i.e. I am unable to find strings that I know to exist in objRS("SearchString"). Below is my code: do while not objRS2.EOF if instr(objRS("SearchString"), objRS2("Find")) 0 then Response.Write "yes" end if objRS2.MoveNext loop Subsequently, say objRS("SearchString) = "-CBBA-CDDD-CABC-CAEE". If I run the code below instead: do while not objRS2.EOF if instr(objRS("SearchString"), "CBBA") 0 then Response.Write "yes" end if objRS2.MoveNext loop ....the code works fine, or "yes" is written out. This leads me to believe that the problem may be due to data type differences between the 2 databases. Any ideas or help is appreciated!!
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Can anyone please tell me where i'm going wrong. I have the following code calulating in a loop the totals of cost. the db is access and the field is in currency but i'm getting an error: Exception occurred. can anyone please tell me why cheers StrCoTotal = CCur(StrCoTotal) + rs("D_cost")
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If hyperlinks to a URL contains spaces, the entire hyperlink is not underlined in an email message. I've tried using "" on both ends of the URL variable, double quotes, single quotes, Server.URLEncode method, and nothing works. Code I've tried is below, plus more. Anyone have an idea how to get the entire URL to be shown as a hyperlink in the email msg = msg & "Driving Directions: " & Session("DrivingDirections") msg = msg & "" msg = msg & """ & "Driving Directions: " & Session("DrivingDirections") & """" NOTE: Using Server.URLENcode is really link either 'msg = msg & ("Driving Directions: " & Server.URLEncode(Session("DrivingDirections"))) '
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Can any one help me here. I have done a pagination to my application. It should display the page numbers like this page:1,2,3..Back,Next I am getting the result as i needed but this page: 1,2,3 is displaying at the top of the page instead of bottom. Can any one give an idea to print that on bottom of every page. Here is the code i have used in my application: Code ASP: Items   items list Itemid Item Unit iPageCount Then iPageCurrent = iPageCount If iPageCurrent Add New
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Basically im getting a record and deleteing it. this is the error im getting : Arguments are of the wrong type, are out of acceptable range, or are in conflict with one another and here is the code: rs.Open "SELECT * FROM [Temporary] WHERE (Email=" & Email & ")", conn1, adopendynamic, adlockoptimistic, adcmdtext rs.delete rs.update rs.close Please reply if you have any suggestions
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hey , can any1 tell me what is the problem with the following sql it worked fine when i used the access driver connection string but after changing to the JET SQL driver it stopped working... Code: DB= "Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0; Data Source=path/DB.mdb; Persist Security Info=False" Set conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") conn.Open DB id = request.querystring("update") password = Request.Form("password") ssql = "UPDATE table SET pass='" & password & "' WHERE id=" & id conn.execute (ssql) Code: Microsoft JET Database Engine error '80040e14' Syntax error in UPDATE statement.
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hi I have an asp form contain multiple text boxes to enter data. After entering data if I click on add button it should display the same page again and security text box should in invisible. For that do i need to to declare text box as hidden.. But I need that text box for first time after redirecting it should be invisible.. I am confusing here .. What i need to declare for that textbox.. this is my code
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I have a strange problem. I have 2 text boxes which look like this in code: Code: The problem is the "Contact" information is two words.. like David Beckham When the page is displayed it will only show "David" rather than the full value. Does anyone who why this would be Thx.
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I'm having problems getting my ASP form to have it's drop down list populate from an Access databse. Here is the ADO for the connection: It keeps erroring out on line 5: "parking" My ODBC datasource is named parking. I set it up through administrative tools/ODBC data source/System DNS tab and connected the correct database to it with the Microsoft access driver. Am I missing something to connect to the db
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Try this Code:
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The relevant problem areas are in red. Then i can explain where i'm having troubles. Current Auctions Plus the green highlight denotes items in which you hold the highest bid. High Bid Check Bid Status Run ID  Item ID Item Current Bid Bidder Time Remaining = now() then%> Place Bid = now() then%> What the function and query are supposed to do is select all the items based on the current highest bid and display who has the highest bid. The query works fine. The function however is getting confused, because i told it to select a name based on the current highbid of that item, if any high bids are the same number it will post the name of anyone who has a bid on an item with the same number. SQL="SELECT BIDDER from biding WHERE MINBID="&win " If &win happens to be 1, it will find all the 1's in the bidding table (MINBID) FIELD and just throw out the first name it sees. I only want it to display the name for the bid of 1 if it is the highbid or Max(MINBID) for that item. I thought since the query was only selecting the max(MINBID) for each item, the function would only display the name for that particular item. The second question i have, if we can get this straight is highlighting the table row for the highest winner, if the winner = session('username') then highlight green. That will work when we get this straightned out, I was wondering how i could get the second best bid, and highight that in red, to show a person that they were just outbid.
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Code: Set xmlHTTP = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP") Set xmlDOM = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM") xmlDOM.async = False xmlDOM.loadXML {XML-string} "POST", {URL of WSDL-file}, False xmlHTTP.setRequestHeader "Content-Type", "text/xml; charset=utf-8" xmlHTTP.send xmlDOM Response.Write xmlHTTP.responseText Does anyone know why this code results in printing the WSDL-file on screen, instead of connecting to the WSDL-webservice and executing the method I wanted to invoke
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I am developing a database to store curling scores. The score for each end (there are 12) are stored in a variable like: score="0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,". My problem is that before the game starts the score looks like this (",,,,,,,,,,,"). I tried spliting it array = split(score,",") but i can't check the value of each cell in the array. I know the value is null but it won't let me update the database. it keeps reading ht esql as "UPDATE tablename SET column =" because the value is null. Can someone give me an idea how to get the db to update even if it puts in a null value thx Justin