Multiple image uploader - problem uploading a single image

Basically what I've got is a problem when I'm trying to upload an image in an 'edit' page via the cms.

I have 6 images that are uploaded fine via a 'add product' page, then when I go to my edit page and for example change 1 of those images of the 6 and upload that, I get problems, but all is fine if when im in the 'edit' page I change another piece of data and submit.

I have included below the 2 pages that are used when 'editing' a selection.


artTitle = rsuserU( "art_Title" )
artCategory = rsuserU( "art_Category" )
artBriefDesc = rsuserU( "art_BDescription" )
artPrice = rsuserU( "art_Price" )
artPicFull = rsuserU( "art_ThumbFull" )
artFace = rsuserU( "art_ThumbFace" )
artHood = rsuserU( "art_ThumbHood" )
artExtra1 = rsuserU( "image_Extra1" )
artExtra2 = rsuserU( "image_Extra2" )
artExtra3 = rsuserU( "image_Extra3" )
artCaseDesc = rsuserU( "case_Text" )
artDialDesc = rsuserU( "dial_Text" )
artMovementDesc = rsuserU( "movement_Text" )
artMakerDesc = rsuserU( "maker_Text" )
artDatDesc = rsuserU( "dat_Text" )
artHeightDesc = rsuserU( "height_Text" )
artStatus = rsuserU( "art_Status" )
artMoonDisplay = rsuserU( "art_MoonDisplay" )
artDisplay = rsuserU( "art_Display" )



FUNCTION SELECTED( firstVal, secondVal )
IF cSTR( firstVal ) = cSTR( secondVal ) THEN


Edit or Update Clock Information:



Clock Title:


Brief Description:


Picture of full length:

Picture of the face:

Picture of the hood:

Extra Image 1:

Extra Image 2:

Extra Image 3:

Case Description:

Dial Description:

Movement Description:

Maker Description:

Date Description:

Height Description:


Moon Display:



Was added to the database

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