image resize

please i need some help with this..
How can i resize a picture with asp, i mean i store the picture into the database, and when i display it, i just resize it from html, but it does not look good, not focused...
basically how can you make a thumbnail..
Thank you

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Im running this via a vbs file. Heres what im trying to do, I have mssql databse full of about 15,000 item ID codes. For Example of the ID Code: The first 2 sometimes 4 letters represents the distributor name, the numbers are the item number and BX for example means Box. DJ3726 DJ3847BX DJ3743CD PD2374 PD2334 PD4334BX And I have about 15,000 images from my distributrs that mostly match up to the actual ID number, but still a lot dont match up because of a small extra letter like BX Or somehting like that. So what ive done was write a code that Splits out the Manufature code for example DJ from DJ3726BX, and also the same for the item ID 3726 from DJ3726BX, So when I put thos to together I get just the manufature name and ID code instead of the extra crap I dont need. And now I take just the Manufacutre name and ID and looping through my database and all of the (images via File Scripting Object). Then I check to see if the manufacure code and ID is in the item name. For Example Check if DJ74637 IS In: DJ74637BX.GIF Then if it finds a match it gos and renames the gif for me. And it loops through untill its done. My problem is that it just doesnt work, no errors no anything it just doesnt pick up any images when I can visualy go through my self and find some matchs. Heres my code that I came up with so far Code: Set rsItems = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") strsql = "Select item_ID from tb_inventory" strsql, adocon Do while not rsitems.EOF strmfg = left(rsitems("item_ID"),5) strmfg = replace(strmfg,"0","") strmfg = replace(strmfg,"1","") strmfg = replace(strmfg,"2","") strmfg = replace(strmfg,"3","") strmfg = replace(strmfg,"4","") strmfg = replace(strmfg,"5","") strmfg = replace(strmfg,"6","") strmfg = replace(strmfg,"7","") strmfg = replace(strmfg,"8","") strmfg = replace(strmfg,"9","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"a","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"b","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"c","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"d","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"e","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"f","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"g","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"h","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"i","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"j","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"k","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"l","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"m","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"n","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"o","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"p","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"q","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"r","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"s","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"t","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"u","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"v","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"w","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"x","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"y","") stridnum = replace(rsitems("item_ID"),"z","") strsearch = strmfg & stridnum Set objFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set objFolder = objFSO.GetFolder(strRootFolder) For Each objFile in objFolder.Files splitname = Split(objFile.Name, ".") strimagepath = strRootFolder & objFile.Name strextname = objFSO.GetExtensionName(strimagepath) if instr(splitname(0),strsearch) = 1 then objFSO.MoveFile strimagepath,"C:\fix\thumb\" & rsitems("Item_ID") & ".gif" end if next set objfso = nothing set objFolder = nothing rsitems.movenext Loop I hope I explained whats going on here well enough, Let me know.
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hihi.. how i can bold the image border when onclick takes palce jamescw
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Dear Frnds, i want to know the Coding for to give a Facility to the User, Upload his file to the Server...Like Photo's Please Reply me.
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i have learned how to populate a webpage with images from a database. however, i would like to go a little deeper: i would like to create a recordset (in dreamweaver) with a drop-down list of my product lines: product line A product line B etc etc this is not a problem. i can do this. however, once the user has selected from the list, i would like the corresponding images to be displayed in the webpage. i am not sure how to go about this. tips for doing this in dreamweaver would be excellent. any ideas
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i have managed to pull images from my database and display them depending on a users selection from a drop-down list. however, within my database, i have four products with the same image (they have different product codes because they are different sizes but the images are the same) i have set a repeat region on the image in dreamweaver and if i open the webpage and select an option i am presnted with four identical images. so i deleted 3 of the image urls from the database but becuase of the repeat region, the ones i deleted still come up on my webpage as red crossses. how can i get rid of them
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, I need to produce a page where the images are in thumbnails. Does anyone know an easy way to create thumbnails (without making a two copies of the image - one larger then the other lol) any suggestions would be ace but Code would be brilliant Each page may have a different number of image thumbnails so i was thinking about creating a repeating region on the image. Can anyone help
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. I have a form which upload a binary image and the description of that image into a Microsoft database. I want to show the user what he had uploaded in a second page using a resquest.querystring. But it doesn't show anything. I have tried to change to Request.form but there is an error: Error Type: Request object, ASP 0206 (0x80004005) Cannot call BinaryRead after using Request.Form collection What am i suppose to do i cannot put request.querystring cuz it doesn't show and i cannot use request.form cuz i am using binaryread.
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(regarding this thread: Originally Posted by Shadow Wizard this will not save non-image files. as for extension, I fear I didn't understand what you mean - you try to save the file with different extension I disagree. I was able to upload an Excel Spreadsheet with no trouble at all.
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Hi all, In my asp code i generate a graph/plot which is saved as a .png file, so saved as an image to the server. The problem is when i revisit the page with different selections, a new image is generated but not shown in the HTML. The previous image is shown which is not deed. So i did some coding to not cache the image, but without succes. Here is some code i tried: Code: Response.Expires = 0 Response.Expiresabsolute = Now() - 1 Response.AddHeader "pragma","no-cache" Response.AddHeader "cache-control","no-cache,must-revalidate" Response.CacheControl = "no-cache" and Code: and i used "nosave" in the img tag Code: but all these options without succes. Anybody any ideas
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, I am trying to retrieve images from the database and display them in a random order. The order of the images is supposed to change each time page is refreshed. Below is my code, I am using an array to store the images but the images are not displayed for some reason.
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, I am trying to upload a picture to my server using the upload.asp component. when i try to upload the image i get the following error: Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A01C2) Wrong number of arguments or invalid property assignment: 'SaveToDisk' /alpha/admin/pages/saveCompletedProjects.asp, line 28 This is the code which uploads and saves the pictures to the server. aFilePath = "\images\compeletedProjects\" If Uploader.Files.Count > 0 Then for each aFile in Uploader.Files.Items aFileName = aFile.SaveToDisk (server.mappath("\alpha") & aFilePath) 'aFileName = aFilePath & aFileName next else aFileName = Uploader.Form("txtPreImage") end if can some body please help TrainerR