Form Multipart-Form/data fileuploading

I wanted to know , if without using a third-party component, does ASP provide any intrinsic objects, with which I can parse the FORM elements posted with enctype="multipart-form/data" method="post".

Note: both and

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Call myCon.Execute("INSERT INTO BloodInventory (ProductID, locations, RBC,PhenotypeReserve, CMV, IRR, AverageDailyIssues, " & _ "DaysRemaining, SDLPF, TWLPF, FilteredApheresis, UserName,Scan, address, FilteredPaediatric, TimeEntered) VALUES (" & _ BuildString(unescape(Request.QueryString("ProductID").Item)) & ", " & _BuildString(unescape(Request.QueryString("locations").Item)) & ", " & _BuildString(unescape(Request.QueryString("RBC").Item)) & ", " & _BuildString(Format(left(Request.QueryString("DATE").Item, 2) & "/" & mid(Request.QueryString("DATE").Item, 2, 2) & "/" & Right(Request.QueryString("DATE").Item, 4), "dd MMM yyyy") & ", " & _BuildString(unescape(Request.QueryString("CMV").Item)) & ", " & _BuildString(unescape(Request.QueryString("IRR").Item)) & ", " & _BuildString(unescape(Request.QueryString("AverageDailyIssues").Item)) & ", " & _BuildString(unescape(Request.QueryString("DaysRemaining").Item)) & ", " & _BuildString(unescape(Request.QueryString("SDLPF").Item)) & ", " & _BuildString(unescape(Request.QueryString("TWLPF").Item)) & ", " & _BuildString(unescape(Request.QueryString("FilteredApheresis").Item)) & ", " & _BuildString(Request.Cookies("Login").Item) & ", " & _BuildString(unescape(Request.QueryString("Scan").Item)) & ", " & _BuildString(unescape(Request.QueryString("address").Item)) & ", " & _ BuildString(unescape(Request.QueryString("FilteredPaediatric").Item)) & ", GetDate())"))Call myCon.CloseI was hoping somebody can help me with the highlighted code, I am trying to be able to save date that gets scanned into my web page into ddmmyyyy format so I am trying to format that before the insert but I get type mismatch error for Format function, am I not using it properly Don't worry about BuildString it is a function that my senior programmer created,it wouldn't affect it.
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,This is an awesome site, I am hoping one of you wizards have the answer to my quandry. I have a form that has two fields I need to calculate and validate. What I want is something like this...Background: Access 2000 DatabaseForm developed in ASPTotal of many fields but only two are at issue...Request.form("NumberPurchased")If NumberPurchased >= ("Available") Then'The error will go hereElseProcess the formSo basically I want to make sure that the purchaser can not go any farther with the form if they enter a number larger than the number of available items. If there are 6 items available and the visitor enters a 7 or higher it will pop up an error, if they enter a 6 or less it will process the form. I know how to do the calculation (I think) but I do not have a clue how to validate it when the submit button is clicked
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Hi ,Is it possible to post data to an asp page without having to have a form with all the elements (in the html page) whose data are to be posted What I mean is that, is there a way to post all data at once using one line like - ch_lease=on&Lease+Number=" & strText & "&MMS+Company+Number=&Status+Code=&sort=Approved+Date&order=DESC&pagesize=50I have to post data like above and many more to a third-party website and we don't want to have all the fields whose data we are going to send in the intermediate form because that would mean we have to make lot of different forms for different cases. I would have used GET if the third-party website were using querystrings.So in short, is there a way to fake that we have a text box in the form although we don't have it physically but are still sending data by just saying textarea1="bips".I hope you can understand my question
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Please I have a form with two submit buttons. Each to cause the user to do different thing (Save Form and Submit Form)On clicking the SAVE Form Button...Information entered by the user is saved for editing later and On clicking the SAVE Form Button...Information entered by the user is validated and submitted into the databaseResponse.Write "" & VbCrLf........................................................................................................response.write(" ")response.write(" ")response.write(" "
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I have a JavaScript function as follow to create an order_id for each session when user purchase our products online.-------function InsertOrderID() {dNow = new Date();TISorder = CCFormatDateTime(dNow); // Create New Order ID sDateAndPath = "path=/;expires=" + dExpire.toUTCString(); document.cookie = "TISorder=" + TISorder + ";" + sDateAndPath; } document.TIS.order_id.value = TISorder; }and I have............The problem is after user submit the form data in the second asp page, the credit card gets charged, then if a user goes back to first asp page, the form data are still there(session variables) and somehow the InsertOrderID gets called again(I guess since the order_id is different) and a new order_id is created again, so the user can resubmit the data again and credit card gets charged again!!! Can anybody tell me how to solve this problem
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I have some forms, that are submitted to mail through CDO component.They are sent by using an asp page that contain the following code.Frequently, submitting one of these forms results in error msg, and afterwards it works again, and vica versa.Sometimes it can work from one pc but not from another.It is not stable.Why is that*****************The error message"********'error type 0x8004020E, "Cannot modify or delete an object that was added using the COM+ Admin SDK'.********************************************The "problematic" line is where "objEmail.Send()" code is****The code*********Thank you for sending this form********
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Well, here is another challeng. Below is an example of a textfile that I'm able to read and view in html but can't post to a db table. Crazey Formatted Textfile ExampleDate: 04/06/04 Site Total Items ReportTime: 07:03:15 Process Date: 04/03/04 Batch# Checks Rejs Singles: 110 24,110 12096019 Totals: 110 24,110 120 Now take look a delemited file and the script that allows me to import it to fields in my table.Delemited File"CH" 19 "tel Com" 04/05/2004 27132 27132 2794 2794 802Delemited file import script
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I want to have around 50-80 privileges options for the admin of a web application. The situation is: I have approx 2-5 database connections on each page and I am using MySQL database. But I also need to check 10 give or take a few privileges in 1 table / 1 row on almost every page which will require an extra database connection. This is also not including the people who will be updating (the logged in users)This application needs performance. So how do you think performance will pan out doing it like this with around 5000 -/+ users browsing the site with this many connections.Jason ASP WEB DEVELOPMENT
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I'm having a kind of weird thing going on. I have a dropdown list that's coded like this:CODElast namefirst nameinstitutedepartmentaddresspostal codecitycountrye-mailclientIDWhen I send this form data to an asp page, and I request the value from this form element, I get e.g. when the first one is selected: "achterNaam, achterNaam"The code to retrieve the form data is:CODEresponse.Write(Request.Form("zoekkolom1"))I use this value directly to build up a SQL statement, so the SQL statement doesn't work either because the value from the form is actually a column name from a db.How is this possibl
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I get a value returned from a database... example "My Data".. not that there is a space in this..when I try to add it to a link... like the following...It doesn't send the whole string to the function_info.asp page... just part of it... the part before the space... so in my example data.. it would only send "My"...Any ideas THANKSJE
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Please, please tell me what the heck I am doing wrong.I am trying to do accomplish 2 things here.One, make the pictures appear on on 3 columns like:column1 column2 column2Almost like So far it is appearing on 2 columnsThe other thing I am trying to accomplish here is to ensure that description (in this case, More) appear under the picture like:picture1 picture2 picture3discription discription discriptionCan you please help me again!I thank you for all the great help on this forum.Here is the code that I am struggling with.CODEResponse.Buffer = trueDim catid, strcatcatid = Request.QueryString("id")strcat = Request.QueryString ("cat")If catid = "" OR (IsNumeric(catid) = false) Then Response.Redirect "home.asp"End ifDim catname, productslistsub productInfo(connObj,category) q = chr(34) set cmd = server.CreateObject("ADODB.Command") cmd.ActiveConnection = connObj cmd.CommandText = "qryProdsCategory" cmd.CommandType = adCmdStoredProc set param = cmd.CreateParameter("theCategory",adInteger,adParamInput,4) cmd.Parameters.Append(param) cmd("theCategory") = Cint(category) set rs = server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset") set rs = cmd.Execute if not rs.EOF then catname = rs("catdescription") strHTML = "" strHTML = strHTML & "" i = 1 while not rs.EOF strHTML = strHTML & "" & vbcrlf strHTML = strHTML & "" & vbcrlf strHTML = strHTML & "" & rs("cname") & " " & vbcrlf strHTML = strHTML & "More >>>" & vbcrlf if (i mod 2) = 0 then strHTML = strHTML & "" & vbcrlf end if i = i + 1 rs.MoveNext wend strHTML = strHTML & "" else strHTML = "Product information not found." catname = "Error" end if productslist = strHTML rs.Close set rs = nothing set cmd = nothingend sub
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I'm trying to create a form based page that will collect parameters then execute a program with these parameters. I'm just trying to get a simple program to execute first. I tried the following no luck, any suggestions
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Does anyone know how to set the focus in a form so that when a user opens the page the focus is on the first field in the form, allowing them to just start keying instead of having to select the field by clicking it
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hi, in my forms, i have two options... user can save the data or if he/she is completed ..he/she can submit it. i am having trouble...right now i have action for save button...whole form details which perform action to save button.... but i have to initiate action ...if submit button is clicked to do it... give me general ideas do it.