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How to handle file attachments using scripting.filesystemobject I want to build an interface like the file attachments in email services except that i am not using it in a mailing environment or for mails

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I would like to be able to let a user upload a file to my web site. Can anyone give me any information or direction where to go with this What security measures need to be taken-Uncle Cake
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people.Im doing a WEB type file manager, using the file system object, IIS, ASP and SQL97. functions are working fine. Although the system can also handle HTML files. The problem i have is that every time im trying to Delete an HTML file that is been accessed by other users at same time i get the following error:Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a0046' Permission denied /pdh/concept_admin2.asp, line 53 line 53 is the delete command as follows:fs.DeleteFile request("fullpathurl" & filedetails) & file_conv,trueI need to be able to delete a file no matter if somebody else is vewing it. Also you get the following error if you try do delete it manualy:There is a sharing violation the file may be in use.So what im thinking is how is this possible when you use FTP (to delete files no matter if somebody else is accessing them) and how can i make my thing to workIs it a coding issue is it a IIS issueAnybody can help please
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was reading an old article on getting IIS running on xp home. i dont have a win2k advanced cd.. so I can't get a hold of iis.dl_ and iis.in_can anyone send me or stellar@s-e-f-l.comappreciate it.thx-james
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HiI am trying to debug my app and I want to spit some info to a text file (append) but for some reason this Sub I wrote doesn't work... Can you see what am I doing wrong Sub DumpToFile2(strOut)'______________________'*START* Write to file '______________________ Const ForReading = 1, ForWriting = 2, ForAppending = 8 Dim fso, f, ReadTextFile Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") Set f = fso.OpenTextFile(Server.MapPath("ErrorDump2.txt"), ForAppending, True) ReadTextFile = f.Read f.Write ReadTextFile & strOut & "tt" f.Close'____________________'*END* Write to file '____________________End SubThank youSergei
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I have a client who wants to download data through the web server, but they want an access mdb file. Normally I use ASP pages to submit sql requests to our oracle database and display the data in an ASP page in table form. Does anyone have any suggestions about how I could allow the user to submit a query and have that create an MDB or even download it to him with the results of the query as an access table in the access mdb file I dont see any reasonable way to accomplish it, but thought Id ask anyway..
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Hi ,I'm trying to figure out how to apply the VBScript Read() method to read from the bottom of a text file I have sitting on my server, the last line specifically. What I'm doing is trying to increment a value, so that every entry will have a unique ID, like a database would.I'm using the following code to open and write to a text file:Dim ID, name, email, question, FSO, buildFile, IPID = Now()name = Request.Form("Name")email = Request.Form("Email")question = Request.Form("Question")IP = Request.ServerVariables("REMOTE_ADDR") Const ForAppending = 8Const TriStateFalse = 0Set FSO = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")Set buildFile = FSO.OpenTextFile("C:\myFile.html",ForAppending,True,TristateFalse) buildFile.WriteLine("Sent On: " & ID & "") buildFile.WriteLine("Name: " & name & "")buildFile.WriteLine("E-mail: " & email & "")buildFile.WriteLine("Question: " & question & "")buildFile.WriteLine("Posted By: " & IP & "")buildFile.WriteLine("") buildFile.CloseI'd like to read from the last line of the text file, the "ID" value, and then increase it by a value of 1, so that each time I post to this file, the value is incremented. Since Read() starts reading from the top-down, does anyone know how you can use the Read() method to read in reverse
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Does anyone know how to open an excel file that is stored on a different server using a different login other than IUSR_blah
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I am trying to get asp to read or write to a file. I am getting from IE is the flag/globe in the top right corner moving. Both on the server and workstation pc`sAnd then iis has to be restarted. of the other asp projects I have done work fine.( have used code from and and www.4fromrolla.comThis is the text in the text file: of which cause the problem as described.I am using WindowsXP Pro. With read and write setHelp!
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I am trying to read a file that is on another server on my internal network. Does anyone know the code on how to do thi
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HII have a multi domain network with an intranet and an internet.on windows 2000 and IIS 4/5Ok what I want is for peoples shares to be available over the internet I.e each user has a user area which is a share on an NT domain now I want that person to be able over the internet to access there documnets etc and to be able to save in there user area. what would be the best way to acheive this. help will be greatfully receivedThank you
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I'm trying to dialog with a dbf file that comes together with a cdx (index) and an fpt (external memo).My asp pages can query the dbf but I've got 2 orders of problem:1.How can I manage the external index I mean, I can't find any primary key inside the dbf, so I've got problems with ASP pages!2.It might be a specific problem, but in this dbf file memo fields seem to be encoded in some way, instead of text I can only read hundreds of symbols. Is this a standard way of coding memo fields, or this fields have been encoded by the programme
Attach file via ASP   (307 Views)
I'm setting up an Access based system with an html/ASP front end. I have it all set up but I want to add a feature where the enduser can attach a bitmap and have it saved to an OLE object. Can this be done in ASP
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Please enter your name: how in ASP do I make it so the the lowwer if handlestatement is writen to a file
The Global.asa file   (249 Views)
Hi all,I have a question about the Global.asa file, hope that somebody may help. From what I know that we should put this .asa file in wwwroot. If so, how should we know which Application and Session variables point to which project Assume that I more than one projects in wwwroot.My friend says that I should put each .asa file in the root of the project folder not in wwwroot. I do that but it does not works when I to test by retrieve the variable in the .asa file. And it does work when I put back to wwwroot. In this case, I use Win 2000.At home, I test again by put .asa file in the project folder and it does work. In this case I use Win 98.I am not sure because the platform that I use or I set up wrong for each personal web server. If anyone know,please let me know what should I do in my cases Thank you.John
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, after I use query in my database, I want to write it in a text file or .xls file or maybe .csv file. How to do it And after that How to download it or attach to send it through e-mailA snippet code would be helpful
Code for Downloading MP3 files   (327 Views)
I am making a website that downloads MP3 files (Legal ones )Does anyone have an idea how to do it professionally. I mean, I don't want to make a link like My Musicbecause, obviously, it creates lots of unwanted results, likw playing the MP3 instead of downloading it.I got a code in C#, but I dont have a .NET framework. How can I do it in ASP .here is the C# code I got, it may give you a hint. I is for downloading PDF files:void Page_Load(object sender, System.EventArgs e) {if (Page.IsPostBack){FileStream MyFileStream = new FileStream(@"c:\samerhtml\test\sample.pdf", FileMode.Open);long FileSize;FileSize = MyFileStream.Length;byte[] Buffer = new byte[(int)FileSize];MyFileStream.Read(Buffer, 0, (int)MyFileStream.Length);MyFileStream.Close();Response.ContentType="application/pdf";Response.AddHeader( "content-disposition","attachment; filename=MyPDF.PDF");Response.BinaryWrite(Buffer);}}
DSNLess Connection to a Lotus .wk1 file   (294 Views)
HiDoes anyone know how to create a DSNless connection to a lotus .wk1 file
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I'm using Interdev and PWS under Win98. When I run my new project, none of the references to files (images or other html pages) work unless I specify the full path. This doesn't workThis does workIf I use Windows Explorer and simply double click my html file, all the links work. If I load up another project into Interdev all the relative references work. I am guessing that I have done something wrong in PWS, but cannot see what. Any idea
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I need a way of including a php page(after it runs not the source) in side a asp page or the other way around. I don't want to write out a new page then include that flate page because that would be bad for server preformance.Any ideasChadtinman@thelandofoz.orgTinman,Welcome to OZ.
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My application refuses to see my file I don't understand why. It used to see it. I turn it on today and it doesn't find it anymoreI tried putting it in the same directory as the asp page trying to access it. That didn't work either. what now How much more water would there be in the ocean if it weren't for sponges