File Extension Validation before uploading the file....

Hi... I have an upload feature on my site... it works fine... but I want to validate the uploading file extension for .doc or .html before being uploaded to the server(client-side). I have the validation to check text fields are not blank.... The first validation is for checking the text field... the second "blob" is the file upload field.... This is my code in Vbscript.... can any one help please

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I found this great article on about uploading stuff to a server from a internet client. The great thing is that it isn't an Object, but its PURE ASP and its FREE (whoo hoo). It works nice, and fast (although i only need it to allow my users to upload small Text files). But unfortunately if i upload a file that already exists it will be replaced (overwrite) with the new file and really, i don't want that to happened. (You never know) So my question is how do I prevent overwriting (I think that I need to make a new Sub function, but hell, that's just me) I could use an experts eye on this Code:
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.. Im new to ASP.. i need to know the codes to upload my csv file (*csv) generated from Excel to SQL Server. I aso need to have the codes for uploading my CSV file to my access database..Please provide me help. Thx a lot. cheers -hui-
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. I am trying to include several files in an ASP script. I have a common file that does the database handling, and that common file will include common functions and classes used throught the script. Although I've checked each of the files for errors, none seem to have any, but when I call a class included from another file, I get this: Error Type: Microsoft VBScript runtime (0x800A01FA) Class not defined: 'ASPTemplate' /test/test.asp, line 7 Any ideas
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Ok, I'm learning ASP. Here's the easiest way to describe the problem. Lets say I have a list of all of Jimi Hendrix's live shows. I can view the entire list at shows.asp. Now, what do I do if I just want to see shows for, lets say 1971 I want hyperlinks on my page for each year and when I click the year, it generates the list of shows from that year. I dont want to make an ASP file for every year. How do I do this Do I use a METHOD=GET and then do something like "shows.aspyear=1971" Basically, I'm trying to make a web-enabled database for band. So this is gonna get complicated. Like once I get a certain year, I may also want to view by states and so on.
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I have a file called homes.txt It contains the names of Homes currently on the market I accidently put in ND for homes, when it was supposed to be SD. The file is as follows. home1 TX listed home2 NY listed home3 AL listed home4 ND listed home5 WA listed home6 ND listed its a much longer list, but lets keep it simple. I want to update the file by changing all the homes in ND to SC. I tired to change it but for some reason it doesnt just change the regular expression I tell it to, it completely overwrites the file. when I run it, the file becomes blank. I can't figure out whats wrong.
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I have a menu that I use as an include file. it's a horizontal menu that extends to show sub menus. the table the menu is in has silver background. my problem is that when i use the page as a include file the background color for the menu expands to cover the whole page. is there an issue with the include files that would cause the table color to migrate to all the tables if any one knows another way i can use this menu as an include file and keep the background color from migrating it would be greatly appreciated.
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hello. having trouble - i want to send an email from a web app with an attached file. the form is for users to enter email addresses to whom they want the attached file sent. I'm using ASP and CDONTS mail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've tried this code in my SendMail.asp file and it's not working: Your email has been sent. Thank you! Click here to send another postcard. Click here to return to Staffing and Recruiting Home Page. An error occurred processing your request. Please try again.
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I have a question. Is it possible to use javascript and vbscript on the same asp page or tl have a small piece of Vbscript on a javascript page. See i have built my entire web application in javascript. But my problem i have a login page and registration page but they are in vbscript and also the login page requires me to put a small piece of code on every password proctected page, which is why ill have to put a small chunk of VB script on my java script page. Can this be done
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your code is really messed up. to loop through file contents, i.e. lines have such code: Code: where objFile is the variable holding the file - it's much better than using variable name "f" in my opinion. good luck!
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hey, i have a remove user and change password script written, but the only thing they are missing is the actual text file editing part. i have the file open because i have read it, but how can i delete a line that matches with 'OldLine' and put 'NewLine' where it was with a couple of lines of code
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hello all Actually, I do not know why i can not add records to my access database table by using asp code, I get an error that tells me that the database file or object is read only file even though the file is not readable only from its proprties, I need some helpful information to solve this problem.
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