Creating a form and uploading it to sharepoint

Hi. I am trying to create a computer management form/web application.
I am not a good programmer. I use sharepoint at work to do most of the tasks which are fairly automated.

Now the computer management form is designed this way:

Name Type(DropDown) Used(Checkbos) AssignButton
--------------- Switch _ ----------------
Computer name Server | _| BUTTON
---------------- Desktop -----------------

That is basically what the form will look like
When user clicks the checkbox, it should pop up with a messagebox telling to user do you want to assign this computername.
If the user click OK then it should DIMMM the Asign button and dimm the checkbox.
So users know this computer name is assigned and cannot be used.

Now the form should be able to remember these settings when the user checks this form the next time.

So what should i use a database or a text file
what language should i use as i have to upload it on sharepoint and it supports i think asp ... or page created in frontpage
not good with programming languages so forgive me if i act a bit dumb

any help will be appreciated

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