Binary image and upload form help

. I have a form which upload a binary image and the description of that image into a Microsoft database.

I want to show the user what he had uploaded in a second page using a resquest.querystring. But it doesn't show anything. I have tried to change to Request.form but there is an error:

Error Type:
Request object, ASP 0206 (0x80004005)
Cannot call BinaryRead after using Request.Form collection

What am i suppose to do i cannot put request.querystring cuz it doesn't show and i cannot use request.form cuz i am using binaryread.

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cheers, glad I could help. there are already references to general help and to help insert into database, no point in adding another link. the part with use objUpload("name") intead of Request.Form("name") is explained in the main post.
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i am new here. I am going nuts over this error. I know that string or binary data would be truncated means that there is a value that it's too long for its destination. The problem is that i save in a session variable the query before it gets called for debugging purposes, and i execute the same exact query on query analyzer and it works! I have reviewed every field and the values are OK. How can this be happening It doesn't make any sense. Is there any way i can tell the database to allow truncating anyway I am using sql server 2000, classic asp 3.0 I even inserted the same query from another asp page and it works ok. The users are using a page that inserts the data in a replicated server, but the tables have the same schema (since on the replicated server it was created from the replication) I don't know what to do.
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, How can I prevent the following error from occuring I must use request.form to write to a database (I guess). ---- Request object error 'ASP 0207 : 80004005' Cannot use Request.Form /forms/wireless_comp1.asp, line 438 Cannot use Request.Form collection after calling BinaryRead. ----