Auto sizing of images when uploading

How do i autosize an image when uploading it

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I have two tables: CONTACTS -- ContactID is autonumber type; now I try to get the Max(ContactID) and insert into VENDORS table. (Below it is the SQL code)Can you see anything wrong especially SQL_query I got syntax error.. Thank you very much!!! Also, I designed a relational database, I seem remember a artile saying it is NOT good idea to use autonumber field ========================================================================================================
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When someone clicks on a button on my page, it goes to another page that does some parsing and then autosubmits a form. This takes them to a new page. This works fine, unless they click back. Then they get to the page that just autosubmits a form. The page says: 'warning: page has expired'. Then if they do refresh, it just autosubmits the form. To get back to where they really want to go, they would have to click back twice. So how can I get around this
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I'm new to Dundas, but my new ISP doesn't support CDonts. In the past I've used a mail form that sends a formatted e-mail to me or whomever I specify, and it sends a separate e-mail to the user via the e-mail address they filled in the form page. It works fine with a static e-mail address as the To address.My question is, can I do that using Dundas I've tried all of the logical options and can't get it to work. Also I can only use Dundas in straight code because I'm on a Mac. And yes, I made sure the From address matches the one for the site to avoid spam protections. Here's what I've tried.
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Say I have a website that I go to and it has a text box for the login and a "login" button to log you in. Is there a way I can put something after the index.asp to automatically log me in like:index.aspPassword='Password'
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I'm trying to automatically login to an external site using the following code:Dim strPostInfo, strURL, objobjXMLhttpDim strHTMLstrPostInfo = "go=&key=&value=&Username=blah&Password=mark" 'construct the post datastrURL = "" 'this is where were posting tooSet objXMLhttp = Server.CreateObject("MSXML2.ServerXMLhttp") objXMLhttp.Open "POST", strURL, FalseobjXMLhttp.Send strPostInfostrHTML = objXMLhttp.ResponseText Response.Write strHTML that happens is I am taken to the login screen. I think they may be detecting the referer which is why I'm not getting logged in automatically.I've tried using setRequestHeader to change the host and the referer headers but this doesn't work. Is this possible
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happy new year all,I have one asp page that uses ADSI, that page collects the NT username.on another page I have an include to he ADSI page and want to pass the NT username to that can I do that when the page loads ViewName.asp = GETADSIFULLNAME.asp = Sub PullUserFullname(strDomain,strUser) Dim User Set User = GetObject("WinNT://" & strDomain & "/" & strUser & ",user") %> the get ADSIfullname.asp works correctly, but I can't seem to pass user.fullname to a page so it can be used in a sql query,any info. would be great.
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HiI'm using Word automation to interact between Word and an ASP page. Inside the script I have the following code :Set objWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")objWord.Visible = trueSet objDoc = objWord.Documents.Open ("Test.doc")objDoc.ActivateobjDoc.ActiveWindow.Selection.EndOf' SaveLoc = "c:\temp\Test.doc" objDoc.SaveAs SaveLocIs there a way to make the script wait at a certain point (where the question marks are written) I'd like the user to be able to modify the document (which is loaded and displayed with the previous code lines). Then he/she could press a button (with some macro behind it) that makes the script continue (i.e. the file is saved to disk). Does anyone have an idea what I could write to make the script hold (a hidden confirmation dialog or so) and that can be disabled by a user's interaction (macro, Word command, etc.)A second question : how can be determined if an object variable is active What I mean is, how can I determine if the objWord object is actually assigned to an open Word application I know it should be assigned at startup, but I need to prevent errors when the user closes the Word application and objDoc actions are still called in the script
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This may sound stupid, but what the heck.I have an asp page that inserts a record into one file. Because it creates a key (autoincrement field), I need that key to keep another table in sync. Since the key doesn't exist until it is commited, I cant do both at once. question:Can I have the insert page complete, go to a new page (now that it has the key, and have that page automatically submit itself so I can load that key into the record of the second tableIt may look strange to the user to see a page load and go away, and a new page load, but I don't want them to have to press submit twice.Is this too weird :
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hi there!i'm trying to use windows scripting host to send auto email to people.i've read articles on the net and accordingly have made a .vbs file from the asp file that resides in the server,to run it in my local machine.i'm encountering a problem where i've used the dsnless method to create the connection string (error message is the operation does not recognise wscript.mappath)can anyone suggest something'bye tripti
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i'm an asp programmer .. and i created a form for user to buy things on line.. and once they have selected a item the details should goto the database.. and an automated email.. should go to the marketing rep.. in our office our smtp server running under exchange server.. we have 2 servers.onbe server has exchange server it runs the smtp server on it. and in the other server IIS runs .. that is where i hosted my website.. so i can use CDONTS object here..can't i install SMTP on the other server.. or can i directly program the port.. pls reply this !!! lots of regards and
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,I have an index.asp, which is the first page of my web site. What I want is that when the user types in the url, for example, apart from the main page, a small popup window pops-up.How can I do it I tried like this:-and then in the main page I did this:-What I am doing wrong Why isn't it openin
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i've had a problem with logout using aspsituation:i used a field in the database called "logon" with "yes/no" variable everytime the user logs in the variable is changed to login = trueand everytime the user logs out the varible is changed to login = falsebut if the user clicks on the X(top right) in internet explorer and does not logout,the login variable remains as true and he/she is not able to login againi've read a function called window.close but i had probsusing this function ..i need some help on functions which will be called when the user click on the X(top right) button in IEso i can automatically log them out.i'm just a beginner using asp so pls dun give somecomplicated functions or coding , i may not understand them:
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This type of auto redirecting doesnt seem to be working.Code : Global.asaSub Session_OnStart ' Make sure that new users start on the correct ' page of the ASP application. ' Replace the value given to startPage below ' with the virtual path to your application's ' start page. ' Do a case-insensitive compare, and if they ' don't match, send the user to the start page. MyHomePage="/index.htm" RequestPage=Request.serverVariables("SCRIPT_NAME") If not (STRCOMP(MyHomePage,RequestPage,vbTextCompare)=0) THEN Response.Redirect MyHomePage End IfEnd Sub
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i need to auto increment the last digit in the returned value of the following, how do I do this, and it needs to be reset daily. is this even possible
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What's wrong with this codeobjRS.Open "InvLists", objConn, adOpenStatic, adLockOptimistic, adCmdTableWith objRS .AddNew .Fields("Name") = strName .Fields("DateAdded") = Now .UpdateEnd WithiListID = objRS("ListID")ListID is an autoNumer field in Access 2002, but it ends up being blank. If I .Requery it comes out to the first record in the table. I've seen a way to do this somewhere in the back of mind. I'm pretty sure you don't have to go back out to the database with another SELECT statement
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,My site starts with "default.asp" This page contains a frameset with 3 frames left, top and main. The mainframe is used for the further page-navigation. Now I want to use the javascript function to start automattically a pop up window. This pop up window may only start up once per session. So I thought to do that in the session_onstart handler in the global.asaBut I don't know the syntax to start automatticcaly a javasript function.Or are there better ways(I read something in MS interdev help that noncookie browser does not return the SessionID cookie, so the server creates a new session each time the user requests a page. So that for each request, the server processes the Session_OnStart.)Does this has effect when users navigate to other pages in my framesetA lot of questions right! Please help,Erik
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well, the title is pretty much the question... Back-story: Once a user registers and they are added to the database i want to redirect them to their home page, which is determined by pulling their "id" in from the querystring. I currently add a session variable to the db, then cross check it and grab their "id" then redirect, but that seems more like a hack to me than proper programming.
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Hi I want to know how i could close a pop up window once the user has pressed submit... instead of users hitting "close" window button all the time is there any way i can close the window automatically after submitin the order
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OK, the assumption here is that my form objects have the same name as the corresponding database fields. Knowing that, I am trying to write a function as follows: Code: Function SetVars(RS) For Each Field in RS.Fields TheString = Field.Name & "=" & Field.Value EXECUTE(TheString) Next END Function so I don't have to type var1 = rsF("var1") var2 = rsF("var2") var3 = rsF("var3") .. .. .. I just wrote this function to build queries, based on the same assumption (that your form names are the same as db field names), and it works ok. Code: Function BuildSQL(sqlType, tblName, uID) If lcase(sqlType) = "insert" Then response.write sqlType End If If lcase(sqlType) = "update" Then sql = "UPDATE " & tblName & " SET " For Each Field in Request.Form If Field "submit" and Field "action" and Field uID Then If IsNumeric(Request.Form(Field)) Then sql = sql & Field & "=" & Request.Form(Field) & ", " Else sql = sql & Field & "='" & Request.Form(Field) & "', " End If End If Next sql = left(sql,(len(sql)-2)) sql = sql & " WHERE " & uID & " = " & Request.Form(uID) End If BuildSQL = sql End Function any help is appreciated!