aspupload question when uploading file to a database

I am building an update query to update a database
and load the document to a table.

the update statement to update the file looks like
the following

update due_evals set pl_updated_by = '919999',
pl_updated_date = '10/20/2005',
rating = case due_evals_id
when 248688 then 'Competent'
when 255120 then 'Improvement Needed' END,
payloc_comp_date = case due_evals_id
when 248688 then '10/20/2005'
when 255120 then '10/21/2005' END
where due_evals_id in (248688,255120))"

I want to add something like the following
image_blob = case due_evals_id
when 248688 then ''
when 255120 then '' END

My question is I will perform the following
set file = upload.files('file1')
Set file = upload.files('file2')

When I get to the update statement or if it was an insert statement all it wants
is a per aspupload manual.

aspupload manual information

"UPDATE MYIMAGES SET img=, name='newname.ext' WHERE id=3"

How will it knows which one is for which

I appreciate the help.

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