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Hi all,

I have been working away all day at a method to upload files to a server. The files will typically be in the range 100-200MB.

The method which I have found is good is using, and splitting the incoming data into chunks, with the incoming data coming from a "multipart/formdata" form.

Code: totalsize) then chunksize = totalsize end if bytesleft = totalsize set objADO = server.createobject("") objADO.type = 1 counter = 0 do while bytesleft > 0 if (bytesleft < chunksize) then chunksize = bytesleft end if objADO.Write Request.BinaryRead(ChunkSize) objADO.Position = objADO.Size objADO.savetofile "C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\test2\content\response" & counter & ".txt" bytesleft = bytesleft - chunksize counter = counter + 1 loop objADO.close set objFSO = nothing %>
Now this works. It splits the incoming data into 128KB chunks, and writes each chunk to a separate file. This keeps down memory usage on the server. Every free upload script I have tried seems to keep the whole file in memory, and the box crashes!

But I need, obviously, to be able to save all the data in one file.

And does not support an append feature.

Is there anyone out there that can help me

Cheers for any replies,

p.s. components such as ASPupload aren't an option -- tight budget.

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